06 December 2021,   21:46
Defendants periodically changed their clothes, vehicles, and shelters in order to mislead police - MIA on the Niko Kvaratskhelia murder case

The officers of Tbilisi Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained persons wanted for the premeditated murder, which took place on Veriko Anjaparidze Street in Tbilisi on September 15, 2021, as a result of intensive operative-investigative activities.

Within the frames of the ongoing investigation, it was established that detainees plotted to assassinate N.K. for which they illegally purchased firearms, ammunition and rented a car from one of the citizens. On September 15 of the current year, the mentioned persons ambushed N.K. on Veriko Anjaparidze Street in Tbilisi and with a purpose of fulfilling the intent, fired more than 10 shots from the firearm in the direction of N.K. and fled the scene in a rented vehicle along with G.K.

As a result of received gunshot wounds, N.K. died after being transferred to hospital.

As soon as police was notified regarding the incident, the operative-investigative group, together with forensic experts, conducted the detailed inspection of the scene, took various traces, law enforcement officers also seized firearms, magazines and various items as evidence.

Dozens of witnesses were questioned within the frames of the criminal case, including direct eyewitnesses of the crime, friends, acquaintances of the victim and other persons related to the case.

Based on the analysis of testimonies and case details, several investigative versions were defined to establish motives and identities of perpetrators and therefore all necessary operative-investigative and search activities were conducted.

The operative group tracked down the vehicle rented by detainees for committing the crime in the shortest period of time. The vehicle was inspected by forensic experts which were able to extract materials and traces valuable for the investigation.

The owner of the car was also identified. Based on his testimony, the identity of the shooter – G.K. was established.

As a result of the consistent and intensive operative work carried out by the operative-investigative group, the identity of the perpetrator of the crime - the direct shooter - A.Ch. was also established.

Law enforcement officers continued to work to obtain evidences that would unequivocally prove the commission of the mentioned crime by the accused persons.

The investigation obtained several dozen recordings of video surveillance cameras depicting the movements of the accused persons and examined material details.

Search activities were held in up to 10 apartments and various facilities, including G.K’s shop, where the defendants changed blood-stained clothes after committing the crime, which was seized as evidence as well.

Dactyloscopic, odorological, ballistic, chemical, biological, traceological and information-technological examinations were carried out to the evidence seized within the frames of the criminal investigation, as a result of which traces of gunpowder were found on the clothes of A.Ch. as well as blood stains belonging to the deceased N.K.

Based on the evidence collected within the frames of the ongoing investigation, on September 18 of the current year, both persons were charged in absentia by the Prosecutor"s Office of Georgia under Articles 109 and 236 of the Criminal Code of Georgia and were declared wanted.

All operative units were focused on detaining the wanted persons.

Law enforcers continued to work intensively to determine the whereabouts of the wanted individuals to detain them. A number of operative-investigative activities were carried out, dozens of witnesses were interrogated- those whom the accused individuals may have been in contact with. All places have been identified where wanted individuals found temporary shelter as well as vehicles and their drivers used by the defendants.

Defendants periodically changed their clothes, vehicles, and shelters in order to mislead law enforcement officers, making it difficult to locate and detain them in a timely manner.

On October 7, 2021, as a result of complex investigative-operative and search activities, the law enforcers arrested both wanted persons in Tskneti. Police located the residential house where the accused persons temporarily resided for the past few days. Both defendants attempted to escape from the scene, but were actively pursued which was finalized by their arrest. During the personal search of the accused individuals, knives, Georgian passports, clothes and other personal belongings were found in their hand luggage. Relevant procedural and investigative activities are underway with regard to the criminal case that does not exclude that the circle of defendants may expand.

The committed crime envisions from 13 to 17 years of imprisonment.