05 December 2021,   03:24
A person bought GEL 21,000 excise-free cigarettes in Gori

As a result of operative-searching and investigative activities, representatives of Mtskheta-Mtianeti Division of Investigation Department of Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia detained one person on the fact of storage and transportation of particularly large amount of excisable goods subject to marking, without excise marks.

Investigation determined that on October 11, 2021 the accused person, for the further sale, bought particularly large amount of non-excised tobacco in Gori, which was placed in the vehicle under his command and transported to the direction of Tbilisi, during which he was stopped by the representatives of Investigation Service at Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze road. As a result of search and seizure activities, 4 999 boxes of non-excised DUBAO cigarettes, with a market value of more than GEL 21 000, were seized from the vehicle.

Investigation is underway under the third part of Article 200 of Criminal Code of Georgia, which envisages imprisonment from 6 to 8 years.