24 January 2022,   18:14
Both approved textbooks describe the facts of the recent history of Georgia - Education Ministry

The IX grade history textbook of Georgia, which caused dissatisfaction among the public due to the extract about of the events of 2012, describes historical processes correctly, competently and comprehensively, reads the statement, issued by the Ministry of Education and Science.

“According to the previous national curriculum, the history of Georgia was taught only in the IX grade. Now, there is a change in the history textbook regarding the teaching of Georgian history, and history as an independent subject is taught in the VII, VIII and IX grades - from ancient times to the modern period.

The history of Georgia is unfolded in the context of world history, that is, in parallel, what events took place. Accordingly, the most recent period goes to IX grade and is an attempt to reflect the most recent years, including information on all state rulers during the period of independence - from the first president to the second president, continued European integration and important events such as the loss of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region, the period of the August 2008 war, the Russian occupation, etc. It is an attempt to cover all these important events.

We have 2 approved books that were approved in 2021 and these textbooks entered schools this year. We think these stories are conveyed very dryly and competently in both books. It emphasizes European integration, democratic change of government, visa liberalization, etc.”, - reads the statement.