30 June 2022,   20:33
The triple legend, Viktor Saneev, has died

The legendary triple jumper, Victor Saneev, has died at the age of 76. The information confirmed by the Georgian National Olympic Committee.

Born in Georgia, Saneev fought throughout his career with the USSR writing history. He has won Olympic gold in 3 consecutive events. In 1968 in Mexico City, in 1972 in Munich and in 1976 in Montreal, to stay second in 1980 in Moscow. Then at the age of 35, he lost only to the Estonian (who also competed for the USSR) Yak Udmae who jumped 17.35m against Sanejev 17.24m.

His individual record was 17.44m and he is one of the few track and field athletes to win four Olympic medals in four different events. The discus thrower Al Erter (USA) and Carl Lewis (USA) in length are the only ones with four gold medals.