28 September 2022,   19:35
Electricity, natural gas and water supply tariffs have not been increased - GNERC

The tariffs for electricity, natural gas and water supply have not been increased, reads the statement of the Georgian Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (GNERC).

“Various political figures are once again trying to mislead the public and, due to their own political interests, are providing false information to the population.

The tariffs have not changed since January 1, 2022 and the consumer tariffs valid by the Commission in the previous period are in force. Tariff increases are not considered.

We call on citizens to check any information disseminated by opposition with the commission. When checking information about consumer tariffs they should rely on only GNERC, as it has been the practice for years that individuals with opposition political interests often attempt to deliberately mislead the society”, - reads the statement of the GNERC.