16 May 2022,   08:57
Jordan gifts Georgia land lot near site of Jesus’ baptism

Land has been handed over to Georgia nearby the Jordan River, near the place of baptism of the Savior. Such a statement made today the Prime Minister at the Trinity Cathedral, where he is attending the solemn liturgy in connection with Epiphany.

“Your Holiness, members of the Holy Synod, dear people, congratulations to everyone on the Epiphany. It is a great honor for me to tell you a very good news today. We can say that today we are participants of a historical event.

By decree of His Majesty, King Abdullah II of Jordan and His Highness Prince Ghaz, Georgia has been handed over plot of land along the Jordan River, near the place where the Savior was baptized. With the blessing of the Patriarch, a Georgian cultural center will be built here.

After 300 years, Georgia returns to the Holy Land. This event is gratifying for all Georgians. This became possible as a result of the joint efforts of the secular and clerical authorities. The involvement of the Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia, his great international authority was invaluable”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.