16 May 2022,   09:42
Londa Toloraia appeals law abolishing State Inspector’s Service in Constitutional Court

Londa Toloraia, the Head of the State Inspector’s Office, has filed a constitutional complaint with the Constitutional Court.

She argued the move alongside terminating the State Inspector’s authority before her 6-year term was up and kicking off the selection for the chiefs of 2 new bodies, Special Investigation Service and Personal Data Protection Service, contravened Article 25 of Georgia’s Constitution – the right to hold public office.

Toloraia said she also demanded from the Constitutional Court to suspend the enforcement of the controversial provisions before a final ruling in the case.

In statement, she maintained that the State Inspector’s Service needs to be independent of both executive and legislative branches of the Government to carry out its activities appropriately.

“Given the nature of the activity, the position of the State Inspector, with its content and purpose, requires special constitutional protection. The fact that the Parliament arbitrarily, through abuse of legislative power, in violation of the requirements of the first paragraph of Article 25 of the Constitution, terminates the powers of the State Inspector to investigate torture and ill-treatment, to monitor the lawfulness of personal data processing and to exercise external control over secret investigative actions, harms not only the independence of the State Inspector"s Office, but also the newly created bodies”, - said Londa Toloraia.

She stressed that to guarantee independence, the State Inspector shall be an elected official and the term of office “inviolable”.