22 May 2022,   17:19
Zonal - hourly parking system to be launched in Mtatsminda, Chugureti and Didube districts from March 1

The zone-hourly parking system in Mtatsminda, Chugureti and Didube districts will be launched on March 1. Such a statement made today the Mayor of Tbilisi.

“Zonal-hourly parking in Didube district includes Tsereteli and Tsabadze streets with a total of 90 parking spaces. In Chugureti district, there will be 13 streets, with a total of 497 parking spaces. A total of 1 116 places will be opened in Mtatsminda district, Freedom Square and on 32 streets.

3 streets will be added in Saburtalo district - Chikovani, Balanchivadze and Chailuri, with a total of 135 places. In these districts, 44 out of 1 838 places for zone-hourly parking will be designed for people with disabilities, and four places for charging electric vehicles.

From February 1, information booths will be located in the parking areas in the listed districts, where citizens will be able to register themselves”, - said Kakha Kaladze.