25 September 2022,   09:15
Tbilisi City Hall to finance tomography for beneficiaries diagnosed with multiple sclerosis

Tbilisi City Hall will finance additional examinations for beneficiaries of the expensive medication financing programme for citizens diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Such a statement made today the Mayor of Tbilisi.

“From 2022, Tbilisi City Hall will finance magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and/or spine and spinal cord for the beneficiaries of this program. Symptoms of the disease appear between the ages of 20 and 40 and become the cause of non-traumatic disabilities in this age group. Through the City Hall program, it is possible for people with multiple sclerosis not to be chained to a bed or wheelchair, but to engage in daily activities and feel like full members of society”, - said Kakha Kaladze.

Tbilisi City Hall launched the programme of financing expensive medications for citizens diagnosed with the disease in 2020.