05 December 2022,   09:25
North Korea carries out sixth missile launch in two weeks

North Korea fired another two ballistic missiles on Thursday - the sixth such banned launch in less than two weeks, writes BBC.

Pyongyang on Wednesday described its recent blitz as “just counteraction measures” to joint US and South Korean military drills. On Tuesday Pyongyang fired a missile over Japan, prompting the US to call an emergency UN Security Council meeting.

At the meeting the US accused Russia and China of protecting the North from stronger sanctions. By opposing further sanctions Moscow and Beijing had given Pyongyang “blanket protection”, the US ambassador to the UN said. The Chinese and Russian representatives said increased dialogue was better than punishment.

For the past two months the US, South Korea and Japan have been holding a series of combined exercises as they practice how to defeat and deter a North Korean attack. These drills have antagonised North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who sees them as proof his enemies are preparing for war.