07 June 2023,   21:56
Medical staff of the Republican Hospital held a protest - doctors demand the resignation of the head of the clinic

The medical staff of the Republican Hospital held a protest on the territory of the clinic. They demanded a meeting with Government representatives and answers to questions regarding the future of the clinic.

The authorities are going to demolish the Republican Hospital and build a new clinic in the next few years. The Republican Hospital is located in one of the most attractive and expensive places in Tbilisi, on Vazha-Pshavela Avenue.

On behalf of the employees of the clinic, a statement was released last week, where they call on the authorities not to demolish the Republican Hospital.

“None of physicians, nurses and hospital attendants will face problems with employment and remuneration. In addition, I would like to stress that selling of the space for commercial purposes is not planned and a new clinic will be constructed at exactly the same location where currently Republican Hospital is situated”, - said today the Minister of Health.

As for announced reorganization of the Republican Hospital, according to Zurab Azarashvili, the Order does not concern medical personnel.

“Reorganization does not mean automatically dismissal of personnel. The Order does not concern medical personnel, it concerns administration. It would be good if we learn distinguish these two things. As for medical personnel, they will not face any problems in terms of employment and remuneration. We are doing a very good job for our country and our citizens. We will make presentation next week and will provide the public with detailed information on our plans regarding the Republican Hospital”, - added the Minister.