20 August 2022,   06:00
Opposition prepares to appeal against the final protocols of Central Election Commission

The opposition is going to appeal to the court against the CEC"s final protocols. According to their assessments, the October 22 self-government elections did not express the will of the Georgian people.

At this moment the complaint is being prepared by the parliamentary and non-parliamentary opposition together. Almost every opposition party will sign the suit and will continue coordinate actions.

Representatives of UNM have already arrived to the headquarters of the Council of leaders. " European Georgia" is expected at the office as well. Members of "Alliance of Patriots" will also sign the suit.

"Our task is to send the main message to international organizations that Georgia is one of the three countries on the European continent where the same party wins all elections," -said Kakha Kukava, chairman of "Free Georgia".

 According to Bachuki Karadaava, chairperson of "National Democratic Party of Georgia", it is an unprecedented case for Georgia, when almost all opposition parties, including parliamentary and non-parliamentary, agree to jointly appeal the results of the 2017 local elections.