30 November 2021,   04:25
Witness of Pavliashvili"s case questioned

Nodar Shanidze, one of the main witnesses made a statement about Pavliashvili"s case today. He spent two hours at the Prosecutor"s Office.

Nodar Shanidze is the person who has called the police due to the incident with Paata Pavliashvili on Nutsubidze street. As he explains, the questioning does not concern the death of Paata Pavliashvili, but the reason of the conflict.
According to Nodar Shanidze, the deceased had previously told him that he was taking psychotropic substances.

Nodar Shanidze explains that after the incident on the Nutsubidze slope, a representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs asked him about the use of the psychotropic substances by the deceased.

Lawyer Mukhran Ghurtskaia says that Nodar Shanidze was interrogated at the Prosecutor"s Office for the conflict with the other neighbour.

"The case of death and this case are together, but the investigation can allocate these cases," the lawyer says.