09 December 2021,   18:26
New formulation of financing from budget - 4 political subjects will not be financed

After the local self-government elections, part of the parties lost the status of qualified subject. "Republicans", "Conservatives", "Industrialists" and "National Forum" will not be able to get funding from the government.
Up to now, the parties received money from the state if they were to overcome a 3 percent barrier. With the initiative of "Industrialists", new rules for political party funding will be launched in Parliament soon. According to which the parties will receive money from the budget, if they have at least one MP and a fraction in the Parliament. The new approach is discriminatory and unfair for the old partners of the "Dream".

A new form of financing from the budget will be most advantageous for the Conservatives and Industrialists who have lost the status of qualified subject in this elections. Although their parties did not vote in proportional terms and they did not receive votes, but in the Parliament there was a faction of "Conservatives" and "Industrialists", so after the new regulation is put into effect they will receive financing.

This initiative for the parliamentary opposition is political corruption. The members of the "National Movement" and "European Georgia" say that only the "Dream" and their partners will support the new rule of financing parties.
There were only 20 qualified subjects in the country before the local self-government elections. 4 of them will lose this status, but after the October 21 vote, qualified subjects will become members of the National Movement "National Democrats" and "European Georgia" as well as the new party "Movement for Free Georgia".