27 June 2022,   06:24
New Mayor of Tbilisi might have a legal dispute with City Park

"City Park" is a major problem for the new mayor of the capital. Kakha Kaladze ordered the lawyers of the City Hall to study the contract with the company. The goal is to abolish the contract with the City Park without paying fine.

Kakhi Kaladze does not intend to take into account the interests of City Park. Tbilisi Mayor announces legal dispute with the company, which may be the basis for the termination of the contract.

Kaladze suspects that the company is working illegally because, according to his information, 99 percent court decisions are taken in favor of citizens. in the cases of appealed fines .

After Kaladze"s noisy statement, "City Park" thinks that Tbilisi Mayor has been provided with wrong information about their activities.

Davit Narmania does not expect the desired results from this decision.