25 June 2022,   11:31
Structural reorganization of government - amendment package will be approved at today"s government session

The package on structural reorganization is supposed to be approved at today"s sitting of the government, after which the document will be sent to the Parliament.

Discussion of changes is planned in an accelerated manner. According to the ruling team, committee hearings start next week.

"In accordance with the procedure, the replacement of so many ministers has already raised the issue of re-trusting the government. Accordingly, this procedure will start in the Parliament, it will continue in full compliance with the legislation and we will definitely support Giorgi Kvirikashvili"s team, "- Davit Matikashvili said.

The package on structural reorganization envisages amendments to several tens of laws simultaneously to optimize ministries and will be approved by the end of December. Personnel changes and structural associations are called internal clan movements in the "National Movement" government.

"This is the transformation of the inner clan and the movement that actually does not change the fate of our country and people in the best way," said Tina Bokuchava.

The"European Georgia." focuses on importance of reducing bureaucratic expenditures.