25 June 2022,   12:24
Archpriest`s lawyers will use Ombudsman`s report as evidence in Strasbourg

The lawyers in the so-called cyanide case may submit the Public Defender"s conclusion to the Court of Appeal as evidence.
"I hope that the report of the Public Defender will be heard by the Court of Appeal. Otherwise, if the case is required to be brought to Strasbourg, this should be the most important and decisive ievidence for Strasbourg, "said Giorgi Pantsulaia.

Dean Giorgi Mamaladze"s case will be discussed at the Appeal Court from December 6.

As for the Public Defender"s report, the document says that the judiciary was not enforced by the decision of the court on the cyanide case.i. According to Nanuashvili, various representatives of the government have also violated the presumption of innocence against Father Giorgi Mamaladze.