04 July 2022,   03:40
There is suspicion that the government is devaluing national currency for some political tasks - experts on impairment of GEL

Experts blame the government for deliberate impairment of Lari.

According to specialists, the ruling team uses devaluation for some political decisions. In addition, experts explain that the depreciation of the lari serves the interests of specific business circles.

"No foreign factor, nor macroeconomic factor, no other factor indicates that such a impairment should be taking place. We suspect that this is a process agreed with the government, which is devaluing national currency for some political tasks. It is also possibl that specific business groups will benefit from lari impairment, "- Paata Sheshelidze said.

The part of the economists also points to the responsibility of the National Bank. In the perspective, the experts predict the increase in communal taxes and increased inflation.

"If so, it would be difficult for me to calculate the electricity and gas price. Economic policy in Georgia is wrong and what we hear in recent times creates new problems for investors, "- says Gia Jandieri.