06 December 2021,   22:29
"It is unfortunate that the obscene and unacceptable statements regarding the Public Defender are frequently expressed" - Kakha Kozhoridze

"It is very regrettable that the incomprehensible and unacceptable statements towards the Public Defender have become more frequent," - the President"s adviser commented on the critical statements on Ombudsman from the authorities.

According to Kakha Kozhoridze, this attack is against European standards and respect for institutions.

"We, on the one hand, say that we want to live with European standards, and on the other hand we forget that high political officials in Europe are not criticizing the Public Defender just because the Public Defender fulfills his constitutional obligation. We remember when years ago the Public Defender was beaten up during the dispersal of the rally. Today, it does not happen,For someone this may be progress, but in reality, it is a demonstration of the fact that we do not understand well, what is the essence of the constitutional mandate of the Public Defender, "- said the head of the NGO.

After the prosecutor of the so called cyanide case, Ucha Nanuashvili was confronted by the Minister of Justice. Tea Tsulukiani called the Ombudsman the most unfair public defender.