23 July 2024,   07:03
Court of Appeal begins review of Davit Kharshiladze"s case, son of editor of "Kronika Plus"

The Court of Appeal begins reviewing the case of the editor of the newspaper "Kronika Plus", Eliso Kiladze"s son Davit Kharshiladze. The case of Kharshiladze, justified by the first instance court was challenged by the State Prosecutor"s Office.

Eliso Kiladze demands from the Prosecutor"s Office to investigate the fact that as the journalist says drugs were planted on her son.

The editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Kronika Plus" says that there is testimony of only two policemen in the case file , which the first institution considered as insufficient evidence and Davit Kharshiladze was found non guilty of icharges presented on September 20.