03 December 2021,   23:03
"I have new and very important information, which completely changes the case" - Mariam Kublashvili speaks about Machalikashvili"s case

The prosecutor"s office refused the lawyer`s motion to conduct the ballistic expertise of the firearms used during the special operation. The lawyer Mariam Kublashvili stated about it.

The reason given in the investigative body to the lawyer is that their expertise has already been conducted and the answer will be known tomorrow.

If the conclusion of expertise is imperfect and unacceptable to them, Kublashvili says that her motion will remain in force.

"I have new and very important information that changes the case, and it"s going to be a great evidence for me that the riot police made a mistake on the night of the special operation, and I requested by this motion to carry out the ballistic expertise of the firearm from which the shot was fulfillrd in the attack. I got the answer that the ballistic expertise of this weapon has already been conducted and the conclusion will be known on February 19th, or tomorrow.

"Naturally, I will get acquainted with conclusion of the Prosecutor"s Office`s expert and if it is not exhaustive, I will again demand re-ballistic examination, for which we will invited an independent expert," said Mariam Kublashvili.