18 July 2024,   06:55
Pupil of Tbilisi kindergarten 56 died

The pupil of Tbilisi.kindergarten 56 has died. The chilg had a complicated form of measels and the doctors could not save him. The director of the kindergarten confirms that similar symptoms have several more children and adolescents but in a relatively light manner.

"These viruses are always there and I do not know why such a terrible case happened, why did the child get worse? The whole family and the whole garden is destroyed, "said Mzia Jiladze, Director of Kindergarten 56.

The educational process has been temporarily suspended in the kindergarten and disinfecting works have already been carried out on the spot for prevention.

"Such an accident occurs. Very rarely but it happens. There may have been a background of some other disease. Of course our service is working on this case, "- said Paata Imnadze, scientific director of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health.