25 July 2024,   05:30
TV company "Iberia" accuses government of pressure

TV company Iberia blames the government in putting pressure.

Head of news service made a statement on behalf of the channel.

According to Vakho Khumismashvili, 100 million GEL damage to the Omega Group poses serious problems to TV broadcasting, as this company is the main source of financing fot the channel.

According to journalists, Iberia"s financial problems were created after the Omega Group suffered due to the damping prices imposed by the British-American Tobacco. The loss is about 100 million dollars.

The Holding filed a suit last year in court regarding the breach of competition laws and won the case in the first instance court, however the appeal and the Supreme Court passed the decision in favor of the British American Tobacco.

After the trial is over, the holding and journalists will address the civil sector and diplomatic corps for assistance.