01 December 2021,   03:56
He was killed with point blank shot - Davit Katsarava names murderer and person who ordered the murder of Archil Tatunashvili

Archil Tatunashvili"s family plans to hold a rally, according to the leader of the Movement "Strenght is in Unity " Davit Katsarava.

According to Katsarava, after Ergneti meeting ended in vain, it became known that Archil Tutunashvili"s body will not be handed over to the family for several days. Tatunashvilis are going to block the main highway and hold permanent rallies.

"The family announced the blocking of the road and the protest rally where the entire population will be participate, the road in the vicinities of Natakhtari will be closed down t ," Movement "Strenght is in unity" naturally we will join this rally, "said Katsarava.

As the leader of the movement states , according to the information provided to them Archil Tatunashvili was killed by members of the occupation regime . Davit Katsarava has named the killer and the person who ordered the murder.

" The person who ordered the murder is Philip Khachirov, who is the governor of Akhalgori and the killer is Ludwig Khachirov, who killed Archil Tatunashvili," said Davit Katsarava.