01 December 2021,   04:33
Case of Tatunashvili"s murder - Georgian lawmakers hold meeting in Brussels

Georgian MPs speak about Archil Tatunashvili"s murder in the Tskhinvali prison in Brussels, behind the closed doors. Georgian delegation members have already started meetings in Brusse

The Georgian MPs address the European MPs with a request to prepare for a resolution or a statement, where they will talk about the murder of Otkhozoria and Tatunashvili.The resolution will also focus on the situation in the occupied territories.

"We expect a very sharp reaction from them because this is a fact, which needs an adequate and timely reaction," said Tamar Khulordava, a member of the Georgian Dream.

The opposition wants the international community to put pressure on Russia.

"The European Georgia initiated to create a so-called Otkhozoria list. We will register this initiative in these days, "said Sergi Kapanadze, member of the Faction" European Georgia - Movement for Freedom ".

The statement was made by Roman Gotsiridze, Chairman of United National Movement faction.

"Georgia should ask western partners to use different forms of Pressure and sanctions on Russia in regard to the occupied territories," said Roman Gotsiridze.