05 October 2022,   06:10
"So far we will continue the rallies" - Borjomi Municipality Mayor

"So far we will continue to the rallies. The mayor of Borjomi does not have anything to do with the people, those are employees who can not get their own salaries, "-Borjomi Municipality Mayor Levan Lipartia said.

He was on the rally held by the representatives of "Georgian Dream" in Borjomi, where the main demand was resignation of the opposition chairman of the Borjomi Sakrebulo Zaza Chachanidze.

But Levan Lipartia says that they are demanding to hold one more meeting of Sakrebulo.

"We are requesting to hold a session of Sakrebulo, where all issues will be solved, which is a problem in Borjomi today," Lipartia said.

The situation in Borjomi has been strained after the protest by opposition lawmakers from the Municipality Sakrebulo against the demand of Borjomi City Hall employees regarding the increase of salaries .