13 August 2022,   16:05
Nika Melia visited the Toduas family in Borjomi and got acquainted with their problems

Nika Melia, the chairperson of the National Movement`s political council, was in Borjomi and visited the family of Toduas living in IDP settlement. Khatuna Todua, together with a disabled child, has been trying to restore socially vulnerable status for two years. She has addressed the Social Agency and the Borjomi Municipality as well as the Ministry of Refugees, but in vain. Nika Melia promised to the family mediation in the relevant agencies. He once again urged Borjomi corresponding services that the salaries for the management of the district and for their relatives is not the priority, but the priority should be care for such people as the Todua family. He called on Minister Sozar Subari to get interested in this situation.