20 August 2022,   07:28
"The first big union may take place in regard to the presidential candidate" - the opposition speaks about the necessity of consultations

United National Movement is convinced that the opposition will be able to win the presidential election in case of unification.

Roman Gotsiridze states that the candidate may not be a member of United National Movement, However, the society must trust him/her.

"The first big unification may take place in regard to the presidential candidate. We think that this is achievable, "said Roman Gotsiridze.

European Georgia comments on the third president"s initiative.

According to Gigi Tsereteli, the opposition often speaks about it, but an agreement has never been achieved.
"If the opposition manages to agree on a common candidate, it will be a guarantee thata good result may be achieved," Gigi Tsereteli says.

The third president of Georgia called on the UNM to name a common candidate with other opposition forces through the primaries yesterday.