25 September 2022,   09:36
"Deadline is end of this week," - Father Michael Botkoveli speaks about transfer of Archil Tatunashvili"s body

The Geneva co-chairs have left the Ergneti after meeting with representatives of the occupation regime of Tskhinvali without comments.

As it is known, the de-facto president of the occupied Tskhinvali underlined in a dialogue with them that Tatunashvili"s body will not be transferred until the end of the examination and the expertise will take one month.

A Secretary of the Patriarch of Georgia spoke about the transfer of Tatunashvili"s body. Father Michael Botkoveli says that the Patriarchate knows only what is written in the letter of the Russian Patriarchate. According to him, the Georgian Patriarchate does not intend to appeal to Moscow anymore.

As for the family of Archil Tatunashvili, they have learned about Anatoli Bibilov"s statement from media and refrain from making statements until they meet with any member of the Georgian government.