20 August 2022,   06:54
"If something is damaging to our country, this is a dispoute on this issue," - the majority of the resolution on Russia"s resolution

The draft resolution against Russia will be discussed next week. Prior to that, the ruling team plans to hold consultations with the opposition and the Foreign Ministry.

However, when they meet with Foreign Ministry representatives is not yet known.

An agreement on the resolution between the parliamentary minority and majority has not been reached yet. The main reason for disagreement is the alleged sanctions.

"If something is damaging to our country, this is a dispute on this issue," said First Deputy Chairman of the Parliament, member of the faction "Georgian Dream" Tamar Chugoshvili.

According to Chugoshvili, there are consultations on technical differences in the resolutions prepared by the opposition and the parliamentary majority.

Nukri Kantaria, a Member of Georgian Dream faction responds to the demands of the opposition.

"We are on this minefield and we have to remember the same Magnitsky list.Which country has created this list. This country has influence in the world, " Nukri Kantaria said.