06 October 2022,   11:23
30 thousand GEL transferred to Gachechiladze - UNM addresses Audit Service

Tbilisi Sakrebulo faction "National Movement" addresses the Audit Office.

Opposition demands to study the transfer of GEL 30,000 from the City Hall Reserve Fund to Levan Gachechiladze.

The "National Movement" speaks about selective assistance and calls on the Audit Office to get interested in the activities of the City Hall Reserve Fund.

"What is the difference between Davit Narmania and Kakhi Kaladze when Davit Narmania financed by prosecutors and Kakhi Kaladze decided to finance businessmen. It is unthinkable when there are 94,000 socially vulnerable in the capital, who ask for 120 GEL, 200 GEL and the City Hall reserve fund gives money to a businessman, millionaire Levan Gachechiladze, "said Levan Khabeishvili.

The capital municipality confirms that Levan Gachechiladze has received money for overseas treatment, but denied that the decisive factor for financing was the close relation of the former presidential candidate with the government.