06 October 2022,   10:56
"I have given a false testimony against Akhalaia, Sakvarelidze, Patsatsia and Megis Kardava - perjurer appeals to the Prosecutor"s Office with confession testimony

The witness, who claims that he has given false testimony against the previous government according to the order of the acting authorities, appeals to the Prosecutor"s office. The perjurer requires security in exchange for the confession.

After the scandalous interview with "Saturday Courier", the perjurer plans to denounce the senior government officials. Goderdzi Jolokhava is going to nominate all those people who were giving false testimonies.

Jolokhava blames one of the policemen who was pressuring him and forcing to give false testimony.

"I have given a false testimony against Bacho Akhalaia, David Sakvarelidze, Oleg Patsatsia and Megis Kardava. They should launch an investigation in connection with the false testimony and in connection with this policeman.
I do not know who the accomplice is, but obviously, there is someone. I still do not know who gave this order, "said Goderdzi Jolokhava.

Goderdzi Jolokhava"s lawyer speaks about a pressure on him. According to the lawyer, there is evidence proving the pressure.