30 September 2022,   04:48
There are a lot of speculations regarding sanctions - Gia Volsky on the text of the resolution against Russia

A resolution against Russia - the parliamentary majority has not yet finished working on the text of the resolution.

The opposition"s demand is to add sanctions imposed by Georgia to Russia to the text and create a so-called " Tatunashvili-Oodzorari"s list, however, the ruling team refrains to specify whether sanctions are part of the resolution.

"We try to take steps to reach an agreement in regard to the text, However, I am sceptical about this.

There is a lot of speculation regarding the part of the sanctions, "said the Deputy-Chairman of the Parliament, the member of the faction Georgian Dream Giorgi Volsky.

According to Mamuka Mdinaradze, the chairman of the faction "Georgian Dream", intensive consultations are underway.

"It may take several days for us to agree on the final version. The resolution will be quite strict, " Mdinaradze said.