27 January 2023,   15:10
Parliamentary Resolution - Members of "European Georgia" sat that the agreement with the majority on some issues could not be reached at this stage

Members of the "European Georgia" made statements regarding the parliament"s resolution by which the legislative body should officially condemn the recent actions of the occupants.

As the minority representatives say, the agreement on certain issues has failed. According to the members of "European Georgia", the parliamentary majority has no answers yet regarding inclusion of Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili list in the final document.

The main demand of the opposition is imposing of international sanctions
on occupants who commit crimes against Georgian citizens. Also, the MPs should respond to the murder of Archil Tatunashvili and Giga Otkhozoria.

Davit Bakradze, member of the Faction "European Georgia - Movement for Freedom", said that the final negotiations should be held two days later.

"Since there is still little chance that Parliament will agree on a united resolution, I will refrain from talking about details today. Today I can say that there are principal differences, including first of all, Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili o list and sanctions, "Davit Bakradze said.

According to Giga Bokeria, member of the "European Georgia", if the agreement is reached on Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili list, then it will be a joint resolution. However, there is no agreement on this issue at this stage.