25 September 2022,   08:14
Resolution on Tutunashvili and Russia"s Occupying Policies - rhere will be attempt to reach agreement on document in Parliament

MPs will once again seek consensus on the resolution on Russian occupation policy and Archil Tutunashvili. It is not possible to find a common language on the principal issue - in what form should the minority requirement regarding Tatunashvili- Otkhozoria list in the resolution.

"European Georgia" categorically opposed the adoption of the resolution without the list and clarifies that the document will be just a piece of part and it will have no effective force.

The "National Movement" is critical regarding the delay in adopting the resolution and declare that the Georgian government does not have a clear position towards Russia"s policy, which is a bad signal to the Georgian society, the international community and Russia.

In case of agreement, approval of the resolution will happen during the next week`s session