06 October 2022,   10:27
" Fact that Russian March dares to do it, is encouraged by inactivity of Georgian Dream,"- Opposition comments on attach on journalists


" A fact that Russian March dares to do it, dares to attack an independent broadcasting company and violate the freedom of speech is encouraged by Georgian Dream"s inactivity " - A Secretary General of " Free Democrats" comments on the attack on Rustavi 2.

According to Tamar Kekenadze says that it has not started today and the society sees how pro-Russian forces are encouraged by Georgian Dream.

Giorgi Vashadze assesses the attack on Rustavi 2"s journalists as a criminal offence. The Chairman of the political platform "New Georgia" says that no one in the country is protected.

"The government has two options - Shield these people again Or make up their minds and have a reaction,"- said Giorgi Vashadze.

" Democratic Movement-United Georgia" condemns the incident as well. Gigla Baramidze, political secretary of the party says that it is very good that the channel has expressed its position on a very heavy statement.