25 September 2022,   08:38
26th day after Archil Tatunashvili"s murder - According to locals, he is tortured

Archil Tatunashvili, who was killed in the occupied Tskhinvali prison, was transferred from the occupied Akhalgori district on the 26th day of the murder. The occupation regime handed the corpse to the Georgian side in the presence of the Red Cross Organization.

According to the conclusion of Russian experts, the cause of death is a heart attack.

Archil Tatunashvili"s body has already been transferred to his house in Tsilkani village. The fellow countrymen express their condolences to the family of the deceased. The clergy paid the funeral service. The journalists and Tatunashvili"s relatives, who are in Tsilkani and saw the body say that Archil Tatunashvili is severely tortured.

Tatunashvili"s body was examined at the Samkharauli Forensics Bureau throughout the night.

Akhalgori district governor and civil society representatives speak about the injuries on Archil Tatunashvili"s body
They think that Tatunashvili was severely tortured by the occupants before his death.

The government representatives avoid answering the question if Tatunashvili is tortured.

The official conclusion of expertise will be announced in 2 weeks. The expertise was attended by private specialists hired by the family.