20 August 2022,   06:44
"Today is not a Sakrebulo meeting, it is a wedding and the bride is Inashvili" - Borjomi Sakrebulo is preparing for a noisy discussion i

Borjomi Sakrebulo session is expected to be noisy today.

At today"s sitting MPs should discuss the impeachment of the chairperson.

15 MPs demand resignation of Zaza Chachanidze. 13 are members of the "Georgian Dream" and two are representatives of "Alliance of Patriots".

It is noteworthy that Sakrebulo Chairman is a member of the Alliance of Patriots.

Chachanidze says that the Alliance of Patriots is headed by the government.

The current chairperson of the council asserts that the representatives of his party signed the relevant statement after the majority in the Sakrebulo did not register the "Georgian Dream" factions and did not increase salary for the City Hall employees.

The Labor Party is also talking about a deal between the ruling team and the Alliance of Patriots.