20 May 2024,   07:42
Georgian Dream broke up the coalition of Gakharia Party and UNM in Rustavi - Chairman of the City Council

Chairman of the Rustavi City Council Nodar Sherozia, a member of the For Georgia party, was dismissed from the post of Chairman of the Rustavi City Council. The decision was made at today’s session of the Rustavi City Council.

“A few days ago, the Georgian Dream faction of the Rustavi City Council appealed to the chairman of the City Council to schedule an extraordinary session, where the main issues would be the dismissal of the chairman of the Sakrebulo, his deputies and the chairmen of the commissions.

The composition of the City Council of Rustavi Municipality failed to fulfill its duties properly for more than two years.

Attempts at sabotage took place many times, which was manifested in obstructing the approval of the budget, delaying specific projects, not taking into account the positions of citizens, etc.

In addition to gross violations of the regulations of the City Council, the Labor Inspection and later the City Court confirmed the irresponsible and illegal actions of the leadership of the City Council towards the employees of the office.

Recently, the faction separated from the [United] National Movement and four members of the faction left the party, which turned out to be another additional reason for the Georgian Dream team to start the process of dismissing the opposition majority from the positions of the Rustavi City Council”, - reads the statement, released by the Georgian Dream.