16 July 2024,   15:26
"Some MPs have made a serious mistake" - Mamuka Mdinaradze confirms problems in ruling team

Mamuka Mdinaradze responded to criticism of the part of the ruling party MPs, who disaproved the rhetoric of the parliamentary chairperson today and saw authoritarian signs in his statement.

The member of the Georgian Dream assesses the statement of the teammates as "a serious mistake". In addition, Mamuka Mdinaradze has already made it clear that there is a split in the ruling team.

He used to deny this information in the past and called the facts of the controversy invented by "Rustavi 2".

He also calls"unserious" the statement of part of the MPs who did not rule out to demand the resignation of Irakli Kobakhidze .

"Some MPs have made a grave mistake in their assessments, in fact, if I say that there is no problem, I will not be right and adequate.The problem is some of the statements and I would call that a mistake, but I think that these issues will be clarified out in the nearest future and everything will be settled.

"Speaking about the issue of the Chairman of the Parliament is absolutely unserious, especially at the background of such unfounded themes, these particular issues often have supporters and opponents and these people are not one or the other team, "said Mamuka Mdinaradze.

Georgian Dream members Davit Chichinadze and Nukri Kantaria made statements about possible resignation of the Chairman of the Parliament.

They said that recent statements of Irakli Kobakhidze include authoritarian signs and directly contradict the position that the party leader the prime minister has.