18 May 2024,   10:51
State Security Report - Opposition speaks abput lack of strategy, Parliamentary Majority speaks about attempt to stage a political show

 The head of the State Security has been informing the MPs about the activity of the agency in 2017 for more than five hours ago. Vakhtang Gomelauri"s report is underway behind closed doors.

In the open part of the report, the head of the State Security spoke about the challenges faced by the country and named the occupation and terrorism as the main threats, after which despite the protest of the opposition the meeting was closed.

According to the members of the "National Movement", the head of the agency could not present an action plan, which will contribute to countering the Russian propaganda in the country.

"We have heard that the state has no vision, no strategy to effectively confront Russia in this very dangero us situation. It was unfortunately a report in which we did not see any policy, any strategic vision and once again it was confirmed that the State Security does not work on the issues ensuring the security of the country, "said Salome Samadashvili.

One of the leaders of "European Georgia" speaks about the absence of the strategy. According to Davit Bakradze, the main threats in the report of the State Security Service are actually evaluated, but the current events in the country do not create the impression that the real steps are being taken to overcome these threats.

The parliamentary majority positively evaluates the state security service report. According to the chairman of the Defense and Security Committee, the opposition manipulates this report and tries to turn it into a political show.