01 December 2021,   03:42
"We have black-shirt, well-trained squads ... Death to the enemy" -Neo fascist groups against "White Noise"

The members of the Neo fascist group, who oppose the "White Noise Movement" are planning to form "black shirt" groups. According to Giorgi Chelidze, leader of the movement, these are quite trained units that can be involved in any confrontation and they will confront the "White noise movement."

"We have black shirt groups for such cases. It is a prepared squad that can be involved in such confrontation in accordance with the law. We, who are now here, are true Georgians.We are starting to form the troops and we are ready to protect our country from drug dealers and LGBT propagandists who will not be able to form agenda in Georgia. The agenda belongs to us. Death to the enemy, "said Giorgi Chelidze, leader of" Georgian Civil Unity ".

According to the rally members, besides the fact that White noise supports drug dealers and LGBT community, they insulted the April 9 Memorial.

"We are going to honor peacefully the April 9 Memorial which was insulted yesterday by the protesters. Do you remember the shots when the girl was dancing on the memorial and the entire rally was applauding. We want to reply to this behavior. We want to light candles, "-Giorgi Gabedava said.

The members of the neo-Nazi group, the "Civil Unity" and "National Socialist Movement", started the procession from the territory adjacent to Dinamo stadium today. The final destination should have been Rustaveli Avenue, but law enforcers mobilized on the ground did not give them the possibility to conduct contra rally in the vicinity of the "White noise" activists.

Members of the "National Socialist Movement" are wearing masks are and chanting: "Death to enemy, glory to nation!"