23 July 2024,   18:22
Tea Tsulukiani remains Minister of Justice - Members of the ruling team admit the faults in the agency, but they welcome her in the government

Tea Tsulukiani remains on the post of the Minister of Justice - "Courier" informs that the issue of Tsulukiani is already decided and she will be in the renewed cabinet of the government.

The Minister of Justice, who has just returned from vacation, will appear in front of cameras today.

The members of the ruling team admit that Tea Tsulukiani"s office has gaps, but it will not prevent her from being the head of the Penitentiary and Justice Ministries.

Dimitri Khundadze, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Health Care and Social Issues states that Tea Tsulukiani was able to introduce a lot of novelties.

"But there were some shortcomings, I think the team will assess it, the Prime Minister will make the right decision," Khundadze said.

Roman Kakulia, the Chairman of the Committee on Sector Economy and Economic Policy states that the problems in the Ministry are not only Tea Tsulikiani"s fault.

As for the other members of the government, the prime till the end of the week.