15 July 2024,   00:24
My son would not do it- First comment of the father of the detainee in the Khada Gorge

"I"ll swear that my son would not do it," - a Father of the accused in the murder of American family and their four-year-old son makes the first statement.

The Father of the detainee Ioram Kobauri says that he tries to find out what has happened. The parents learned about the incident from neighbours. They do not agree with the spread information and say that their son would not commit crimes. He is frightened .

The detainee"s parents ask for an objective investigation and say that the real murderer should be punished.

The attorney does not specify whether he pleads guilty. The human rights defenders are at the Mtskheta police station.

Kobauri is currently in preliminary detention isolator. yesterday.