23 July 2024,   18:25
"What does your heart say?" - Tea Tsulukiani does not specify whether she stays in new government

The Prime Minister will name the renewed cabinet on Wednesday, July 11. According to " Courier", the current Minister of Justice Tea Tsulukiani will remain in the government. Tsulukiani appeared before the society for the first time after vacations.

According to Tea Tsulukiani, the Prime Minister will decide whether or not she will be appointed.

"What does your heart say ... As for the minister, none of the ministers in none of the countries decides to be appointed on a position or not. It is too early to make this decision because a new law should be published which should bring the concept of a small government in our country. "Says Tea Tsulukiani.

It is already known that new members of the government will have new faces. Members of the temporary government say that consultations are underway and details will be announced later.

"The consultations are underway in the cabinet and the relevant decisions will be made by the Prime Minister," said Minister of Finance Nikoloz Gagua.

He says that it is the subject of consultations, whether he remains in the new cabinet.

Giorgi Cherkezishvili, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development does not specify whether he remains on the position as well.