14 July 2024,   05:08
"Georgia will not be able to take more positive political steps until we start negotiation on de-ocupation - Gia Volski

A ruling team responds to Moscow"s message to the Georgian government to restore full-fledged relations with Georgia.

One part of the parliamentary majority members have a rigid position and say that Georgia will not speak with Russia till de-occupation of the occupied territories.

Gia Volski, one of the leaders of the parliamentary majority, says that Georgia has some relations with Russia in limited format but the relation cannot be more positive without de-occupation.

"The Georgian side will not be able to make more positive political steps until we start to talk about de-occupation,"Volski says

Another member of the "Georgian Dream" Zviad Dzidziguri states that Georgia is not ready to start diplomatic relations with Russia until de-occupation of occupied territories.