21 July 2024,   23:07
Preliminary detention of former Mayor of Zugdidi and his deputy - Prosecutionspeaks about evidence

Preliminary imprisonment of the former Mayor of Zugdidi and his deputy - the decision on Lasha Gogia and Gia Gulordava was taken at the end of the day. At the session the former Vice-Mayor of Zugdidi addressed the judge . According to Gia Gulordava, if the Prosecutor"s Office needs a hostage, he was ready to be imprisoned and requested from the court to release Lasha Gogia because he claimed that the former mayor did not participate in the negotiations. Lasha Gogia also addressed the judge at the trial and talked about the existing question marks.

"The person who betrayed the state, took Russian citizenship and did not give away the Georgian citizenship, and today he is neither a citizen of Russia nor a citizen of Georgia, he lives in another country in Russia and has a different passport and other name in Georgia. "-said Lasha Gogia.

Beka Bezhashvili, the prosecutor of the case, explains that the investigation was provided with all necessary evidence to prove the guilt and keep the detained persons remain in custody.

The lawyers of Lasha Gogia and Gia Gulordava claim that the guilt of persons under their protection is not confirmed and there is no danger for keeping in detention the detainees.

"About a month ago the investigation was launched and Lasha Gogia did not try to do anything against the investigation," said Merab Mamuladze, lawyer for Lasha Gogia.

Gogia and Gulordava were detained on charges of taking bribes on November 1 by the State Security anti-corruption agency. According to the Prosecutor"s Office, the expertise confirmed that the audio recording, which is about the bribery of the detainees, is authentic.