16 July 2024,   15:40
"Tbilisi City Hall"s letter was followed by political speculation" - Kakha Kaladze

According to Kakha Kaladze, the letter of the Tbilisi City Hall sent to the protesting fathers was followed with misinterpretation and political speculation.

The Mayor of Tbilisi says that the New Year events planned for the December have no connection with events on Rustaveli Avenue that took place yesterday .

According to Kakha Kaladze, the City Hall does not have any authority to prohibit or permit participants of the rally to set up tents.

Mayor of Tbilisi accused Rustavi 2 of attempting to spread lies and cause destabilization.

Kakha Kaladze left unanswered the question of the journalist of "Courier" regarding the statement made by Tamar Chugoshvili on the d developments in Rustaveli Avenue. According to Chugoshvili, the right to set up the tents is in compliance with the law and she called upon the MIA and the City Hall to take nto consideration this provision.

"Neither Mayor nor the City Hall has the power and prerogative to allow or disallow concrete people to set up tents." We are very sorry for what we have heard from your party TV managers, I call shameful their statements. You tried to spread lies during the whole evening. You know very well that you have lost the election and you are trying to bring destabilization in the country, but "Georgian Dream" and the Georgian people will not allow any destabilization, and it will be calm in the country and neither Rustavi 2 nor the National Movement will prevent the country"s long-term development, "said Kakha Kaladze.