23 May 2024,   23:36
Alleged Pressure on Voters and Use of Administrative Resources - Third Sector Meets with Acting US Ambassador

The alleged pressure on the voters and the use of administrative resources - the representatives of NGOs informed the acting ambassador of the United States about the violations in the second round of elections.

At the meeting with Ross Wilson, the third sector also discussed the attacks undertaken against them by the government officials.

"We have provided the Ambassador with the information on general election environment, the polarized environment, aggressive rhetoric, mutual confrontation and accusations. We also talked about the fact of bribing of the voters, use of the administrative resources. We talked attacks on the civil society that had place, "said the Director of Fair Elections, Mikheil Benidze.

After the meeting, the American ambassador expressed his full support to NGOs.

"The civil society is the most important part of democracy and we talked with them about the importance of elections that promote democracy development in the country. I will not comment on the existing political confrontation. However, we are aware of the tense and polarized pre-election environment, "said Ross Wilson.