24 May 2024,   14:42
Pressure on Zugdidi school principal-Ia Kerdzaia"s Family Requests Punishment of Offenders

The pressure on the principal of Zugdidi school N 6- Ia Kerdzaia"s family requests to punish the perpetrators.
Kerdzaia"s son, Bachana Shengelia is ready to cooperate with the Public Defender.
The son of the principal of Zugdidipublic school # 6 calls on Nino Lomjaria to take the case under personal controland speaks about Ia Kerdzaia"s persecution.
Shengelia demands from the Prosecutor"s Office to conduct a timely investigation and punish the offenders.
Ia Kirzaia died 2 days ago. The principal of Zugdidi school N 6 was diagnosed with a stroke in the hospital, but the doctors could not save him.